Friday, October 22, 2021

Dr Akhtar Ganie to be interim president of DAK

Dr Akhtar Ganie to be interim president of DAK

Dr Suhail Naik Resigns as President DAK

Dr M Y Tak takes over as interim President till the next elections By Ubaid Bhat Srinagar: In a significant development amid Covid-19 crisis,...

Solar Eclipse Can Leave You Blind, Warns DAK

Looking directly at the sun during eclipse with bare eyes could cause permanent damage to your eyes. Srinagar, June 21: With solar eclipse begining today at 11.58 am...

J&K government revokes Mediclaim Insurance policy

  JAMMU, DECEMBER 28: The Governorโ€™s administration today ordered revocation and cancellation of J&K Group Mediclaim Insurance Policy for employees with effect from December 31, 2018. According to the order issued by the Finance Department, sanction...

By coercive tactics, higher authorities trying to muzzle our genuine voice: DAK

Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) took a strong note of higher authorities who are trying to intimidate and muzzle the genuine voice of doctors by coercive tactics. Besides fighting for our long pending genuine demands,...

How helpful are dietary supplements?

Washington: If being fit is your New Year's resolution, then good nutrition and a balanced diet are extremely important for good health. However, there are many people who turn to dietary supplements for a...

Is sugar craving hindering your weight loss

It is said that the more you try to eliminate sugar from your diet, the more you crave for it. Especially when you are on aย weight lossย plan, you have no option but to keep...

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