Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Man cries non-stop for 7 days to bag Guinness World Record, turns blind temporarily

Tembu Ebere lost partial vision as he tried to cry non-stop for a whole week in a tear-shedding world record attempt. Following the attempt, he suffered headaches, a swollen face, and puffy...

Blasts at major dam in southern Ukraine unleash floodwaters

Reuters MOSCOW/KYIV, June 6: Blasts at a Soviet-era dam in the Russian controlled part of southern Ukraine on Tuesday unleashed floodwaters across the war zone, according to...

Unveiling Technology’s Dual Nature

By Aubaid Ahmad Akhoon In the era of ever-evolving technology, the adage 'technology is a double-edged sword' holds true. Its potential for progress and innovation is undeniable, yet...

The Power of Parenting

A Sane parenting can shape a child’s future and negligence can lead to tragic outcomes Dr Rohi Brooke Hampton once said, "Speak to your children...

Investing in a Better Future

The Role of Education in Promoting Economic Well-being and Social Equity. Creating a Better World for Future Generations with Education for Sustainable Development By M Ahmad

Ramadan: A Month of Purifying the Soul and Seeking Forgiveness

It Is the time for Fasting, Prayer, and Charitable Acts to Deepen One's Connection with Allah By Syed Anaiyat Bukharie As the Islamic world enters...

Erasure Of Women Journalists

Taliban Restrictions on Women Journalists Stifle Press Freedom and Gender Equality in Afghanistan By Ajaz Rashid The media landscape in Afghanistan has undergone a drastic...

Child Sexual Abuse: The Devastating Impact Of Bystander Silence

Child Sexual Abuse: The Devastating Impact Of Bystander Silence

World’s most powerful passports 2023 list released

World’s most powerful passports 2023 list released

BMW unveils car that can change color

BMW unveiled Wednesday the prototype of a car that can change color and showcases digital features like projecting driving data across the inside of the windshield. This car, called...

5-month-old baby girl in UK ‘turning to stone’ due to rare disease

5-month-old baby girl in UK 'turning to stone' due to rare disease

Pakistan should come up with result oriented policy for Kashmir: UJC

Srinagar, Feb 05: United Jihad Council (UJC) on Monday said that Pakistan being a basic and legitimate stakeholder of Kashmir is continuously extending its diplomatic, political and moral support to the ongoing freedom movement in the...

Need to teach boys to be men: Malala Yousafzai

Davos: Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani activist working on gender equality, on Thursday called for teaching boys to be men and said what is needed is to educate young men on the issue of...

US, India urge Pakistan to prosecute Hafiz Saeed ‘to the fullest’

The United States on Friday urged Pakistan to prosecute Hafiz Mohammad Saeed "to the fullest extent of the law", endorsing the Indian view on the Jamaatud Dawa (JuD) chief. US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert...

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