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Kamran Khan: Chennai-Based Kashmiri Makes History as First to Earn Australia Day Achievement Medallion

In a momentous stride towards recognition, Kamran Khan, a distinguished Kashmiri currently based in Chennai, has been honoured with the prestigious Australian Government’s Australia Day Achievement Medallion. Bestowed on January 26, 2024, this accolade is a recognition for exceptional performance in government projects or core duties, by Australian Government departments and agencies.

Presently serving as Senior Director for South Asia for Australian Trade and Investment Commission, Australian Government, Kamran was a diligent student at the revered Burn Hall School in Srinagar. In 1992, he left Kashmir to pursue his remaining education and graduated in Automotive Engineering at the University of Madras, where he ranked 3rd across the state of Tamil Nadu, showcasing his academic prowess. Kamran is married to a renowned Chennai based doctor who is the daughter of former IAS officers of Tamil Nadu who have held prestigious positions, including those of a chief secretary with the Government of Tamil Nadu and have worked closely with the former Union Minister Renewable Energy, Dr Farooq Abdullah.

Since 2010, his strategic acumen has been pivotal in shaping the infrastructure industry and fostering foreign direct investment into Australia as part of the Australian Trade and Investment Commission, under the Australian Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment, exemplifying his commitment to economic growth and global collaboration.

As the first Kashmiri to receive the Australia Day Achievement Medallion, Kamran stands as a symbol of pride for Jammu and Kashmir, showcasing the immense talent emerging from the region.

Beyond the accolades and titles, Kamran Khan embodies the spirit of a reformer, committed to ushering in positive change for his community and country. His recognition by the Australian government not only celebrates Kamran’s achievement but also serves as an inspiration for the entire Jammu and Kashmir community and symbolizes the possibilities that arise when perseverance meets opportunity.


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