Thursday, June 1, 2023

Benefits and Challenges of SAS in Education

Maintaining a manual attendance system is complex and time-consuming and the automated attendance is providing more accurate results in a user-interactive manner instead By Qysar Ul Islam Shah

Education: From Privilege to Commonplace

How Modern Times Have Changed Our Mindset and the Impact of Wealth, Fame, and Materialism on Modern Relationships By Hilal Lone Education, once a rare...

Closing the Gap

The Importance of Identifying and Bridging Learning Gaps in Education: A Teacher's Perspective on Communication and Classroom Environment. By Imtiyaz Ahmad Shah With the start...

OMR-Based or Subjective Exams?

Balancing efficiency and accuracy is the key to effective student assessment By Aubaid Akhoon While OMR-based exams may offer efficiency, subjective exams are regarded as...

Teacher Quality: A Major Issue in Government Schools

The Enrollment of Teachers' Children in Private Schools Raises Questions about Govt School Quality By Aubaid Ahmad Akhoon The importance of government schools in building...

Train Services Resume Fully From Bahihal To Baramulla From Tomorrow

Srinagar: Railway authorities have decided to extend trains services from Banihal to Baramulla from tomorrow (July 14), official sources said on Tuesday. Since July 1, when the services resumed...

RBI imposes monetary penalty on J&K Bank, 13 other banks

The Reserve Bank of India has imposed monetary penalty on 14 banks, including Jammu and Kashmir, SBI, Bandhan Bank, Bank of Baroda for various rule violations. As per the...

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