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Bridging Gaps: J&K Paves the Way for Better Roads

Progress in Infrastructure Development Marks Success in Jammu and Kashmir since Becoming a Union Territory

By EOK News Desk

Jammu and Kashmir, since its transition into a Union Territory, has witnessed remarkable progress in its infrastructure development initiatives, particularly in road and bridge construction. These projects have not only enhanced connectivity but also spurred economic growth and generated significant employment opportunities across various sectors.

Road and bridge infrastructure play a pivotal role in bolstering connectivity, facilitating transportation of goods and people, and fostering overall economic development. Moreover, these projects contribute to employment generation through construction jobs, supply chain jobs, local labor engagement, skill development, and service sector employment.

A notable program driving this progress is the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY), aimed at connecting rural habitations with all-weather roads. In Jammu and Kashmir, substantial strides have been made under PMGSY, with over 99% of the sanctioned program already achieved. As of March 2023, 2107 habitations have been connected, and efforts are underway to connect the remaining 33 habitations by March 2024, covering a significant road length against the sanctioned program.

Under the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (NABARD RIDF), 1057 road and bridge projects have been sanctioned since 2019-20, amounting to Rs. 4550 Crores, further enhancing rural connectivity and development.

The Central Road and Infrastructure Fund (CRIF) has sanctioned 294 major road and bridge projects since 2000, with 163 projects already completed, showcasing substantial progress in enhancing state roads’ quality and connectivity.

The macadamization programs have significantly contributed to road maintenance and renewal efforts. From 2017-18 to 2022-23, substantial lengths of roads have been macadamized, ensuring smoother and safer travel experiences for commuters.

Additionally, bridge construction projects have been pivotal in ensuring accessibility across different regions of the Union Territory. Over the last five years, 290 bridges have been completed, and 338 bridges are currently under construction, aimed at further enhancing connectivity and accessibility.

The Prime Minister’s Development Package (PMDP) has seen notable advancements, particularly in major road projects. With increased funding and streamlined execution, projects like the construction of semi-ring roads, four-laning of highways, and tunnel projects have seen significant progress.

Moreover, the implementation of National Highway projects and the construction of tunnels, flyovers, and bypasses under PMDP/NH projects have further enhanced connectivity and accessibility across various regions of Jammu and Kashmir.

Overall, the progress made in infrastructure development since Jammu and Kashmir’s transition into a Union Territory is indicative of the government’s commitment to fostering growth, connectivity, and economic development in the region. With continued focus and investment in infrastructure, Jammu and Kashmir are poised for further development and prosperity in the coming years.


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