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Multi-Org Conducts Cleanup Drive for Sonamarg Eco Park

Sonamarg, Jan 04: In a remarkable step towards environmental conservation and sustainable tourism, the Sonamarg Development Authority (SDA) in collaboration with “Go Green Sonamarg” initiative, spearheaded by Jammu & Kashmir Eco-Watch, unfolded one more clean-up drive today at Golden Glory Eco-Park, Sonamarg. Multi-Org Conducts Cleanup Drive for Sonamarg Eco Park

The event was jointly coordinated by the esteemed organizations like Sonamarg Development Authority, Department of Tourism Kashmir, J&K Forest Department, Department of Wildlife Protection, Forest Protection Force, J&K Tourist Police and Ponywalla Association, Sonamarg and several aligned departments, the event garnered support from more than 150 conscientious citizens, locals, green ambassadors, stakeholders and Sonamarg Development Authority officials.

The initiative has been named as “Golden Glory Eco Park Cleanup,” this extensive effort aimed to start the year on a green note, which has aligned with the New Year’s resolution of Jammu & Kashmir Eco-Watch. The vision is to transform Sonamarg into a Greener, and Cleaner plastic-free destination.

The cleanup also served as a milestone in the larger goal of promoting responsible and sustainable tourism with the concept of plastic-free practices in line with the theme of Earth Day Network – India.

Multi-Org Conducts Cleanup Drive for Sonamarg Eco Park

We have scheduled for another massive clean-up drive on Sunday, under our Sundays for Sonamarg, which is planned at the breathtaking ‘Thajwas Glacier.’ This initiative seeks to restore the pristine ecosystem of Sonamarg and create a model for other tourist destinations in Jammu & Kashmir.

We are expressing our gratitude to Jammu & Kashmir Eco-Watch for their acknowledgment and the support from Dr. Alyas Nasir, CEO of Sonamarg Development Authority, and his team, for their unwavering commitment to boost such initiatives. The collaboration aims to make these endeavors more lucrative and result-oriented.

The underlying objective of “Go Green Sonamarg” is to fostering of plastic-free, sustainable, and ecotourism practices. Through Information, Education, and Communication (IEC), the initiative also strives to raise awareness and sensitize the public about the importance of preserving the environment.

Jammu & Kashmir Eco-Watch invites responsible citizens to join hands in restoring the golden glory not only of Sonamarg but every tourist destination across the state, including in Jammu Region. The organization firmly believes in the adage “United We Stand, Divided We Fall,” emphasizing the collective responsibility of citizens in safeguarding the environment.

As the clean-up drive concludes, Jammu & Kashmir Eco-Watch extends heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed with honesty, dedication, and a genuine commitment to nature and Mother Earth.

Together, they’ve set the stage for a positive change that goes beyond Sonamarg, resonating across every corner of Kashmir.

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