Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department Aims to Make the Union Territory a Must-Visit Destination

By Mukhtar Ahmad

Jammu and Kashmir has the potential to be an all-season tourist destination, according to tourism experts. However, the state’s tourism department needs a significant uplift to fully tap its potential. Jammu and Kashmir Tourism

Jammu and Kashmir is known for its stunning natural beauty, including the Himalayan mountains, sparkling lakes, and lush green valleys. The state has been a popular tourist destination for years, attracting visitors from all over the world.

Despite the popularity of Jammu and Kashmir, the state’s tourism industry is still underdeveloped, with many untapped opportunities for growth. Experts believe that the tourism department needs to focus on upgrading infrastructure and improving facilities to attract more visitors and boost the state’s economy.

J&K: A Hidden Gem in the Making for All-Season Tourism

The government has recognized the potential of the state’s tourism industry and is working to improve it. A recent initiative has been launched to create a new tourism circuit that will highlight the state’s cultural and historical sites, as well as its natural beauty.

Experts believe that the state has the potential to become a world-class tourist destination, but only with significant investment and development from the government. The tourism industry has the potential to create jobs and boost the economy, making it an important area for development.

Jammu and Kashmir has the potential to be a top tourist destination, with its natural beauty and rich cultural history. However, the state’s tourism department needs to work on improving infrastructure and facilities to fully tap its potential. With the right investment and development, Jammu and Kashmir could become must-visit destinations for travelers from all over the world.

The Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department recently conducted a review meeting with its officers to discuss strategies for achieving its set targets. The meeting, which was headed by the Secretary of Tourism, Dr. Syed Abid Rasheed Shah, emphasized that Jammu and Kashmir has immense potential to become an all-season tourist destination, and the department must keep up with the changing times to fully tap this potential.

During the marathon meeting held at the Civil Secretariat, the Secretary reviewed the performance and functioning of all agencies under the department, including the Directorates of Tourism Jammu and Kashmir, Mubarakh Mandi Heritage Society, Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Development Corporation, Jammu and Kashmir Cable Car Corporation, and SKICC. The meeting was attended by senior officers of the department both in person and through video conferencing.

The Secretary emphasized the need to revive the religious tourism circuits in Jammu region, such as Purmandal, Uttarbehni, Sukrala, Shiv Khori, and others, to attract tourists to stay in Jammu for a longer period. He also instructed the officers to hold promotional activities on LED screens at major places like Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine, Jammu Tawi Railway Station, and other high-footfall areas.

The meeting also discussed various aspects related to the development and promotion of tourism in Jammu and Kashmir, including infrastructure development, promotion of tourism, revenue generation, and implementation of various schemes and initiatives. The Secretary urged the officers to revive the Mubarakh Mandi Heritage Society, a prestigious heritage place in the Jammu region, and to organize grand events of cultural significance at the site to attract people and tourists.

Regarding the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Development Corporation, the Secretary emphasized the need to upgrade the facilities at all the assets of the Corporation and to earmark ratings for hotels to help clients easily choose the best ones while searching online. He also requested the Corporation to make its hotels available on all online booking portals and to organize training sessions for its employees in consultation with the Food Craft Institute and Institute of Hotel Management.

The comprehensive review of the performance and functioning of all agencies aimed to assess the progress made by these organizations in executing different ongoing works as well as promoting tourism in the region and identify areas where improvements can be made. With these strategies, the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department hopes to fully tap the immense tourism potential of the region.


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