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The Power of Parenting

A Sane parenting can shape a child’s future and negligence can lead to tragic outcomes

Dr Rohi

Brooke Hampton once said, “Speak to your children as if they are the wisest, kindest, most beautiful and magical humans on earth, for what they believe are what they will become.” This quote highlights the importance of parenting and the impact it can have on a child’s life. Unfortunately, there are many stories circulating on social media that suggest some individuals did not receive the proper parenting, leading to tragic outcomes such as homicides, suicides, and accidents. As such, the importance of parental guidance and support cannot be overstated, as it can shape a child’s future and help them navigate the complexities of life. The Power of Parenting

Parents provide the foundation for love, support, and direction. Nothing is more reassuring and calming for a child, no matter how old they get, than their parent’s arms. But the parent negligence, improper parenting and enforcement of parents leads the child towards the ill behaviours like aggression, drug addiction, risky behaviour and so on and so forth, that in turn become problematic for the child himself and for the parents also.

Parents play a role in a child’s development that goes beyond simply providing guidance. Islam also conveys a message that ‘parents should be role models of virtue for their children’. Millennial children who are exposed to versatilities of distractions find it difficult to find a connection with the ordinary. Not to mention how the dominance of the virtual world has mostly blinded children.

The Power of Parenting

Parenting begins long before the birth of the kid, and with time, parents transform into their children’s alter egos, and vice versa. Nobody can mould and shape a child’s behaviour and development quite like them.

In order to be the best teacher in the life of children, parents should never miss an opportunity to encourage and support them. The first step in being a wise parent is to maintain a positive parent-child relationship. Parents should never use harsh punishment to correct problematic behavior.

Instead, they proactively should fulfill emotional needs of their children through positive interactions, which can prevent a great deal of bad behavior from happening in the first place. Parents should be aware of their children’s immense reliability and accountability from the moment of their birth. Psychologists have also found that supportive parenting can boost self-esteem among the children and provide them the skills they need to make wise decisions. Also, it fosters their sense of self-worth, creativity, optimism, and interpersonal skills.

During adolescence, children acquire more from their friends than they do from their parents. Many young individuals at this age disregard the counsel and concerns of their parents. They start to draw inferences from their own experience, reflect on their mistakes, and learn from them. It is crucial for parents to be understanding and patient during this time. Youngsters who desire to feel independent may slam doors and refuse to do certain tasks. In this regard, Parents can build special rapport with their children by:

Using the Communication as a key

Communication is the cornerstone of any relationship. Discuss subjects other than school and education with your youngster. This contributes to stronger bonding between the parents and child.

Teaching children the moral values

It is sad to say that most of the parents have left these teachings to the community leaders, the Madrassa or others. Parents need to know enough to teach their children the moral values, the good and the bad and to get them on the path of best learning.

Creating positive learning environment at home

Environmental factors shape the attitude and behaviour. Children observe and absorb everything that surrounds them. Parents should play a critical role in creating favourable environment for the children.

Apologising: When you make a mistake

Being open and honest with each other can work wonders for your relationship. Put your ego aside and accept responsibility for your errors. So that the child can stand up for themselves during future endeavours.

Helping children in choosing righteous friends

The criteria to choose the friends must be defined for the children. If youngsters are not given the correct guidance when choosing friends, the results will be devastating and very harmful to both their life and the lives of their parents.

Playing with the child – as a child

Naturally, you spent a lot of time with your loved ones. In this situation, engage your child in an intriguing activity. They will eventually be able to refine their interests with this.

According to a recent study, parents who regularly engage with their kids are more likely to help them grow into successful adults by teaching them important cognitive and life skills. Focus, attention, and self-control are all skills that parents help their children to acquire.

Also, they enhance communication, perspective, empathy, and critical thinking. A child who has a supportive parent will never regret taking a chance, which helps them become self-reliant. The interactions between parents have a significant influence on a child’s physical and psychological development.

In order to be the best teacher in the life of children, parents should never miss an opportunity to encourage and support them. The first step in being a wise parent is to maintain a positive parent-child relationship. Parents should never use harsh punishment to correct problematic behavior.

In every area, children tend to imitate their parents, independent of genetic heritage. This increases a parent’s responsibility to serve as a positive role model for their children. A parent’s efforts have a significant impact on their children.

Parents are the only ones who can consistently mould and support their children, despite the fact that every child is unique and special in their skills. Parents must make sure that their children are raised in a secure setting. A child that has received an exceptional upbringing will always make their parents happy.

“More than what you say, your children will learn from the attitude you model as a parent. Jim Henson’s quote, “children remember what you are,” alerts us to the importance of parents in a child’s life and supports the significance and influence of parents.

Parenting is the most important responsibility one faces during a life time. In the current scenario it is most challenging. A great deal of efforts, dedication, sincerity, rationality and will power is needed to carry it out. Parents, the only authority have the duty to protect their children’s rights and protect them against cruelty and abuse. If not you then who!!!

(The author is a columnist and a Practicing Mental Health Psychologist)

The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of this newspaper.

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