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Stunt Biking Menace

By Ajaz Rashid

The sight of young motorcyclists performing dangerous stunts on the streets has become all too common in many cities, and the recent tragic accident in Srinagar has brought the issue of “stunt biking menace” to the forefront. While the police are doing their part to crack down on this dangerous and illegal activity, it is important to acknowledge the role that parents play in preventing such incidents from happening in the first place. It’s time for parents to take responsibility and ensure that their children understand the grave risks associated with stunt biking, and that they adhere to safe and legal driving practices. Stunt Biking Menace

As the popularity of stunt biking continues to rise, so does the concern surrounding its potentially dangerous consequences. Stunt biking, also known as “freestyle biking,” involves performing risky tricks and maneuvers on a bicycle, often in public areas such as parks, streets, and parking lots.

Stunt Biking Menace

While some may view stunt biking as a form of self-expression and athleticism, it poses a serious threat to both the bikers and those around them. The risks of injury and even death are high, not only for the bikers themselves but also for pedestrians and drivers who may be in the vicinity.

Moreover, the culture surrounding stunt biking often promotes a disregard for laws and regulations, leading to dangerous and illegal behaviors such as riding on sidewalks, weaving in and out of traffic, and performing tricks on public property.

It’s time for our society to address the stunt biking menace and take action to ensure the safety of our communities. This may involve increased enforcement of laws and regulations, providing alternative safe spaces for stunt bikers to practice, and educating the public about the dangers of this activity.

As a community, we cannot afford to turn a blind eye to this growing issue. Let’s work together to find solutions that protect both the rights of stunt bikers and the safety of everyone around them.

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