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DLSA Srinagar raises Awareness about Child Labour on ‘World Day against Child Labour’


SRINAGAR, JUNE 12: The District Legal Services Authority (DLSA) Srinagar in collaboration with the students of Kashmir Law circle (NGO), in its continuous endeavor to promote social justice and protect the rights of children, today organized a heartwarming event to commemorate the ‘World Day against Child Labour’ at Dhara, Harwan. DLSA Srinagar raises Awareness about Child Labour on ‘World Day against Child Labour’

The event was also aimed to bring attention of people to the pressing issue of child labour and provide much-needed support to the children belonging to the labour and poor class in our community.

Child labour continues to be a grave concern worldwide, and its eradication demands collective efforts from society. DLSA Srinagar took a significant step by organizing a distribution drive on the World Day against Child Labour. The event was held at Harwan Srinagar and witnessed the participation of prominent officials, para-legal volunteers, volunteers, and members of the community who are dedicated to ensuring the well-being of children.

During the event, the children of labourers and families belonging to the poor class were given the utmost priority. In a display of compassion and solidarity, the DLSA Srinagar distributed a variety of nutritious fruits and delectable sweets among these children. This gesture not only brought smiles to their faces but also aimed to enhance their nutritional intake, promoting their overall health and well-being.

Furthermore, as part of the awareness campaign against child labour, the DLSA Srinagar also distributed warm blankets to the families of these children. The blankets symbolize our commitment to providing a safe and nurturing environment for children, ensuring that they are protected from the harsh realities they might face while working as child labourers.

DLSA Srinagar raises Awareness about Child Labour on ‘World Day against Child Labour’

Jawad Ahmad, Chairman DLSA Srinagar emphasized the importance of eradicating child labour and creating awareness about this issue. He in his message stated “Child labour robs children of their childhood, denies them education, and jeopardizes their future. By organizing this event, we aim to send a strong message to the community that every child deserves a childhood filled with love, education, and the opportunity to develop their full potential”.

Jahangir Ahmad Bakshi, Secretary DLSA Srinagar acknowledged the collaborative efforts of volunteers, community members and para legal volunteers that made this event possible.

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