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Battling Drug Abuse: Raising Awareness

Sunshine Science School takes a proactive stance against drug abuse, organizing an awareness camp to inspire students and mobilize support in the fight against illicit drugs and their devastating impact on health and morality.

By Mir Shahid

Drug abuse not only takes a toll on individual health but also corrodes the moral fabric of our society. In an effort to combat this growing menace, Sunshine Science School organized an awareness camp to educate and inspire students to take a stand against drug use. The primary objective of this anti-drug campaign was to mobilize support and raise awareness among young individuals and the broader community regarding the perils of illicit drugs and their harmful effects. Drug abuse has emerged as a pressing issue plaguing our society, with some individuals resorting to drugs as a means of escape from their problems and pain. However, what they fail to realize is that these substances act as catalysts, systematically dismantling their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It is imperative for us to distance ourselves from drugs and prevent them from shattering our dreams and aspirations. Battling Drug Abuse: Raising Awareness

As the great Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” The word “youth” evokes images of freshness, vigor, spirit, and enthusiasm, akin to a vibrant garden teeming with flowers and lush green grass. Regrettably, the reality seems to be undergoing a disheartening transformation. In the digital age we inhabit, parents may be more aware of a foreigner’s habits living overseas than those of their own children. In our pursuit of knowledge about the world, we have neglected to delve into the depths of our own reflection. We have become so entangled in a materialistic world that our hearts have become detached. The devastating consequence of this detachment is none other than drug addiction, which has ruthlessly robbed our society of its vitality. A recent heart-wrenching video circulating on social media has raised questions about our values and moral compass. Illegal drugs, the bane of our society, have decimated countless lives. According to the United Nations’ 2019 World Drug Report, drug use in India has surged by a staggering 30 percent, with 13.1 percent of substance abusers falling below the age of 20. The states most severely affected by drug addiction are Punjab, Mizoram, and Manipur, while Kashmir is on the brink of replicating Punjab’s grim scenario due to the increased accessibility of drugs.

Once upon a time, our youth used to visit graveyards and pay their respects, finding solace in the remembrance of their departed loved ones. Sadly, those same sacred grounds have now become breeding grounds for injecting drugs—a lost valley in which we find ourselves trapped. Are the people involved in this network mere ghosts? Do we lack the means to halt this destructive force, or is it that we simply do not wish to do so? Undoubtedly, numerous factors contribute to this menace, whether they be economic, social, or political. However, peer pressure remains a significant driving force behind drug abuse.

Battling Drug Abuse: Raising Awareness

It is crucial for families, as primary social institutions, to shoulder the responsibility of combating drug abuse. Parents must vigilantly monitor their children, keep track of their activities, familiarize themselves with their child’s friends, engage in open and honest conversations, encourage positive endeavors, and, most importantly, spend quality time with them to forge a strong bond. We must revive our sense of community and extend a helping hand to one another in eradicating this heinous crime. Merely having laws in place is insufficient; we must now roll up our sleeves and vigorously advocate for the implementation of these laws. It is imperative to foster integration among all implementing agencies to achieve the desired results. Drug abuse has left a trail of devastation in families, leaving other family members constantly living in fear. It has rendered their lives miserable. The Indian subcontinent once thrived on the unique feature of collectivism, which formed the backbone of our culture. We must strive to revive that sense of collectivism. We are one family, and by joining hands, we can create a formidable shield to safeguard our future. Let the stars twinkle, let the moon smile, and let the sun radiate, heralding a brighter tomorrow.

Society rests upon core principles that shape and define its moral character. These principles reflect a stable state wherein individuals understand their duties and responsibilities within a civilized system of life. They embody values such as live and let live, care and be cared for, respect and be respected, among others, as we are all inherently interconnected. However, when these fundamental principles begin to deteriorate, the delicate balance is disrupted, eroding the very foundation of society itself. Drug abuse stands as one such moral turpitude that has cleaved through our society like the coiling of a snake. Its impact extends beyond physical and mental health, deeply affecting the moral state of our society. The youth, influenced by drug abuse, are increasingly engaging in heinous crimes such as dacoity, smuggling, pornography, women harassment, black magic, and other immoral practices. This menace undermines the institution of family and weakens the fabric of society. It is only by recognizing our obligation and sense of duty and taking responsibility that we can construct a solid foundation upon which our society can truly flourish.”

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