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J&K Government’s Bold Action


The recent revelations of a hidden network of deception and terror in Jammu and Kashmir have sent shockwaves through the region, exposing a dark web of deceit that threatens the peace and security of the entire area. On July 16, 2023, the J&K Government took a bold step by invoking Article 311 of the Indian Constitution, ordering the immediate termination of three government employees from their positions due to their sinister links with terrorist outfits. Faheem Aslam, Arshid Ahmad Thoker, and Murawath Hussain Mir, who held positions of trust in society, were found to be deeply entangled in promoting terrorism and secessionist ideologies. J&K Government’s Bold Action

The timely action taken by Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha to invoke “Zero Tolerance Against Terrorism” has resulted in the termination of 52 officers connected to terror outfits, sending a strong message that terrorism and secessionist activities will not be tolerated. His commitment to eradicating the terror ecosystem and holding accountable those who support such ideologies is commendable and essential for the region’s stability and security.

This unmasking of sinister individuals underscores the urgent need for a comprehensive approach to combat terrorism and its associated networks in Jammu and Kashmir. It is crucial to strengthen security measures, conduct rigorous background checks during the hiring process, and foster an environment of vigilance to prevent such elements from infiltrating government institutions.

Furthermore, collaboration between law enforcement agencies and intelligence units is imperative to identify and dismantle these dangerous networks. The society at large also plays a pivotal role in reporting suspicious activities and assisting in investigations to safeguard the region from the clutches of terror.

The government must continue to exhibit unwavering determination in confronting the menace of terrorism and secessionism. Public support and cooperation, coupled with stringent measures, will aid in maintaining peace, security, and prosperity in Jammu and Kashmir, ensuring that the shadows of deception and terror are banished from its midst.

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