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Urs of Sheikh ul Alam

The sacred realm of Sheikh ul Alam’s seclusion in Ladhoo’s cave is a pilgrimage site resonating with historical and spiritual significance. The Urs celebration invites you to witness the handprint of divine grace and immerse yourself in the cultural fervor of Kashmir

By Er Aausyf Ibn Farooq

The indelible legacy of Alamdar-e-Kashmir, also known as Sheikh ul Alam (RA), reverberates profoundly through the intricate tapestry of Kashmir’s storied history, spirituality, and cultural fabric. This venerable Kashmiri Sufi Saint, mystic, poet, and Islamic preacher wielded a profound influence that transcends temporal boundaries, leaving an enduring mark deeply etched in the folklore of Ladhoo and Pampore.

Legend has it that Sheikh ul Alam dedicated a significant span of His earthly existence, precisely twelve years, to solitary contemplation within a cave nestled in the sacred precincts of Ladhoo—a hallowed pilgrimage site in the present day. This mystical haven stands as a silent witness to the saint’s spiritual journey, encapsulating historical and spiritual significance interwoven with the profundity of his teachings and life experiences.

Annually, the air in Ladhoo becomes charged with a palpable spirit of commemoration during the Urs of Sheikh ul Alam. This yearly celebration serves as a poignant testimony to his enduring legacy, attracting devoted pilgrims who converge to pay homage to the venerated saint. Among the remarkable relics enshrined within the cavernous confines of the cave, a particularly awe-inspiring wonder is the handprint of the saint engraved on stone—an indelible symbol of divine grace.

Adding a distinctive charm to this commemorative event is its synchronicity with the culmination of the saffron season, infusing a unique cultural and seasonal harmony into the festivities. This convergence of spirituality and nature’s bounty enhances the allure of the Urs, creating a vibrant tapestry that seamlessly weaves together traditions, spirituality, and cultural fervor.

In the forthcoming commemoration spanning from November 26 to November 28, 2023, a series of meticulously planned ceremonies and rituals are slated to unfold, all dedicated to honoring the esteemed Alamdar-e-Kashmir. This year’s Urs is poised to host a myriad of sacred ceremonies and events. From the Maghrib prayer on November 25 until the Isha prayer, the atmosphere will be adorned with Khatmat-Al-Mu’azimat, Naat Khawani, and Manqabat, providing devotees with profound moments of reflection and spiritual connection.

Urs of Sheikh ul Alam

The Shrine Admin Committee extends a heartfelt invitation to the public, urging them to partake in these sacred festivities. The meticulously curated program, set amidst the serene beauty of Ladhoo, promises an immersive experience, beckoning one and all to witness firsthand the spiritual sanctity and cultural opulence interwoven into the tapestry of Sheikh ul Alam’s legacy.

The Urs of Sheikh ul Alam transcends mere celebration; it stands as a metaphysical gateway, inviting believers and seekers alike to embark on a spiritual odyssey, immersing themselves in the timeless teachings and divine grace bestowed by this eminent Sufi saint.

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