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Jammu-Srinagar Gas Pipeline

By Ajaz Rashid

In a groundbreaking development, the Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB) has embarked on a significant move to address the energy needs of Jammu and Kashmir by initiating the bidding process for the construction of a 325-kilometer long natural gas pipeline connecting Jammu and Srinagar.

The bidding process, which officially commenced on January 12, 2023, signals a proactive step by the PNGRB to enhance energy infrastructure in the region. The Board has invited bids for the grant of authorization to lay, build, operate, or expand the Jammu-Srinagar natural gas pipeline, with an initial system capacity of at least 2.0 Million Metric Standard Cubic Meters per Day (MMSCMD), including common carrier capacity.

Jammu-Srinagar Gas Pipeline
Jammu-Srinagar Gas Pipeline

This move follows a suo-motu proposal by the PNGRB last year, recognizing the pressing need to cater to the natural gas requirements in Jammu and Kashmir. The proposal underwent a thorough public consultation process, incorporating valuable insights from stakeholders during open house discussions. Based on these consultations, the PNGRB decided to invite online applications and bids for authorization to develop the Jammu-Srinagar natural gas pipeline, spanning approximately 325 kilometers, with a minimum system capacity of 2.0 MMSCMD, including common carrier capacity over its entire economic life.

Originating from the termination point of GAIL (India) Limited’s Gurdaspur-Jammu Natural Gas Pipeline, the proposed gas pipeline holds the promise of significantly bolstering the energy infrastructure in the region. The PNGRB’s strategic decision to include spur-lines, to be provided by the authorized entity based on customer requirements en-route, aligns with the provisions of relevant regulations.

This project not only addresses the energy deficit in Jammu and Kashmir but also represents a crucial step towards achieving energy security and sustainability in the region. By leveraging the expertise of private entities through the bidding process, the PNGRB aims to expedite the development of this vital infrastructure, thereby ensuring a reliable and uninterrupted supply of natural gas.

As we navigate a dynamic energy landscape, the initiation of this bidding process underscores the commitment to strategic investments that have the potential to transform the energy scenario in Jammu and Kashmir. It is a testament to the collaborative efforts between regulatory bodies, stakeholders, and private entities in fostering sustainable and resilient energy infrastructure for the future.

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