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IDPS Society launches International School in Kashmir Valley

The International Delhi Public School (IDPS) Society inaugurated its first school directly managed by the society in the Kashmir region as the inauguration ceremony took place on Saturday at Zakura in Srinagar.


The event was inaugurated by Dr. Narayan Kumar Karan, President of the IDPS Society based in New Delhi witnessed the participation of numerous dignitaries and stakeholders committed to the advancement of education in the valley.


The newly inaugurated International Delhi Public School in Zakura boasts modern facilities, epitomized by the integration of cutting-edge technology into the learning process. Equipped with smart classrooms equipped with tablets, the school promises an innovative and interactive educational experience for its students.


IDPS Society currently operates over 110 schools across India and 10 schools abroad. By taking complete control of the Zakura campus, the Society aims to bring its experience and expertise in providing quality education to students in Kashmir.


A distinctive feature of the school lies in its approach to faculty development. Trainers sourced from external sources will conduct specialized training sessions for the teachers, ensuring a high standard of pedagogy and continuous professional growth.


Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Dr. Narayan Kumar Karan expressed his gratitude towards the local community for their support and reiterated the society’s dedication to fostering a nurturing educational environment conducive to the holistic development of students.


The establishment of the International Delhi Public School in Zakura marks a significant milestone in the educational landscape of the Kashmir Valley, promising a brighter future for its young learners and serving as a beacon of hope for educational advancement in the region.


The school management of International Delhi Public School Society had already kept full information on the official website for all of queries and dedicated admission professionals are available about admissions and enquiries as the IDPS also announced admissions for the 2024-25 academic year on the occasion.

With the IDPS Society’s direct involvement, the Zakura school is poised to undergo significant upgrades in terms of faculty, facilities, and educational resources in the coming months.


Showkat Chowdhary, Chairman, Chowdhary Group, said, “In 2014, we sowed a seed, and now after 10 years, I am happy that the school is going into safe hands by being handed over to the IDPS Society.”


The School Campus is situated on the outskirts of Srinagar city, about 12 kms from city centre Lal Chowk, and 2 kms from Kashmir University campus, sprawled over 100 kanals of land.


The architecture of the campus is unique in terms of placement of four magnificent buildings including an administrative block and three academic blocks, in lush green  premises surrounded by Zabarwan hills, giving a matchless outlook and wonderful picturesque. The campus is free from air and noise pollution, with a congenial cool learning environment.


Apart from the high academic standards envisaged by the scheme of studies, an array of co-curricular activities are embedded in the regular course to enable students to develop and pursue their talents and interests.


IDPS, Srinagar announces its academic session 2024 and offers schooling from pre primary level through class X. Besides academics, students are encouraged to engage in a host of sports such as cricket, basketball, football, badminton, volleyball, swimming, Judo, yoga, Kho Kho etc.


The International Delhi Public School also have started first of its kind school named Kindergarten World where modern and high-quality facilities are available for children’s, offering better development and bright future of children.


With this initiative taken by the International Delhi Public School, (IDPS) Zakura the children of Srinagar city will be provided with a good educational environment. In such a way, not only artificial intelligence, but also through smart classes according to modern requirements, children will be educated, trained and will also be provided with a mid-day meal at school under the careful supervision of a nutritionist.


This kindergarten school will start a new chapter in the field of education, which is committed to intellectual, social development and inculcating strong values. It aims to empower the children to become responsible citizens by providing an educational environment equipped with intellectual skills, abilities and strong values to shape the future of the nation.


IDPS School also focuses on the mental and physical development of children. In this way, special arrangements will be made for sports and other recreational programs to improve the mental health of the children along with quality education.

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