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J&K High Court Lawyers’ Solemn Pledge on Constitution Day

By EOK News Desk

Srinagar, Nov 26: Senior Additional Advocate General (AAG) Mohsin Qadri spearheaded an earnest observation of Constitution Day at the J&K High Court, underscoring the legal fraternity’s unwavering commitment to Constitutional ethos. J&K High Court Lawyers’ Solemn Pledge on Constitution Day

Guiding all legal officers and practitioners within the High Court premises in Srinagar, a collective pledge was taken, affirming allegiance to the foundational values entrenched in the Constitution’s preamble.

Mohsin Qadri’s proactive involvement in orchestrating this event echoes a profound message, resonating within the national legal framework and extending globally.

J&K High Court Lawyers' Solemn Pledge on Constitution Day

Constitution Day, celebrated on November 26th annually, commemorates the pivotal adoption of India’s Constitution in 1949, culminating in its enactment on January 26, 1950.

This date signifies the arduous yet pivotal culmination of the Constituent Assembly of India’s laborious deliberations and meticulous crafting of the nation’s guiding principles.

The event coordinated by Senior AAG Mohsin Qadri stands as a testament to the legal fraternity’s steadfast dedication to upholding and cherishing the spirit of India’s Constitution.

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