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Is sugar craving hindering your weight loss

It is said that the more you try to eliminate sugar from your diet, the more you crave for it. Especially when you are on a weight loss plan, you have no option but to keep a check on your sugar intake. Sweet tooth is the biggest hindrance in your weight loss journey and even when you try portion-control, it’s very hard to stick by it. Here is the list of easy food swaps that will help in reducing your processed sugar intake.


Jaggery: One of the common ways you can swap processed sugar with a natural substitute is by using jaggery in your food items. This traditional Indian sweetener is made of sugar cane and is a healthy substitute for sugar. When you are on a weight loss plan, eat jaggery and it will not hinder your journey.

Drink flavoured water: Drinking flavoured water also helps in reducing sugar cravings. This is because the natural flavours that you add to water satiate your sweet cravings as they contain natural sugar content. Add cucumber, fruits, lemons, watermelon, mint and drink this infused water. This is also a healthy way to detoxify.

Honey: Another way to satisfy your sugar cravings is replacing it with honey. This natural way is healthy and is also known for providing nutrition and medicinal healing. Honey contains essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium, which have various health benefits.

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