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Kashmiri Women Entrepreneurs raise Rs. 75 lakhs funding from India Network at JKEDI Startup Event


SRINAGAR, JULY 03: Two talented women entrepreneurs, Nuzhat Qazi and Insha Mir, have secured funding of Rs. 50 lakhs and Rs. 25 lakhs, respectively, through the Jammu and Kashmir Entrepreneurship Development Institute (JKEDI) and Startup India. Kashmiri Women Entrepreneurs raise Rs. 75 lakhs funding from the India Network at JKEDI Startup Event

This milestone serves as a testament to the exceptional potential and entrepreneurial spirit of women in the region.

The “Women for Startups” workshop held under the overall leadership of Commissioner Secretary, Industries and Commerce, J&K on 19th and 20th of June in collaboration with Startup India, DPIIT, Government of India witnessed a vibrant atmosphere, with a display of tremendous energy and passion from aspiring women entrepreneurs and startups.

Ajaz Ahmad Bhat, Director JKEDI, shared his heartfelt enthusiasm for the extraordinary accomplishments of Nuzhat Qazi and Insha Mir. “We take immense pride in their exceptional achievements, which not only highlight their unwavering dedication and innovative ideas but also serve as a tremendous source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs in Jammu and Kashmir,” he expressed.

He also acknowledged the significant impact their success will have on motivating and empowering future entrepreneurs within the region.”These achievements reinforce our belief in the untapped potential and talent that exists within J&K. JKEDI will continue to provide a conducive environment and resources to empower more aspiring entrepreneurs and drive economic growth in the UT,” he added.

Ashtha Grover, Head Startup India also interacted with the aspiring women entrepreneurs. “The Women for Startups workshops have so far been conducted across 16 states and 18 districts across the country. We are delighted to have received such a tremendous response from Jammu and Kashmir.  On behalf of Startup India, I express our gratitude to the JKEDI team for their support in making the initiative a resounding success and wish the entrepreneurs the very best in their journey ahead. We are committed to cultivating an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem that empowers women,” she stated.

Rahul Narvekar, Founder and CEO of India Network conducted insightful technical sessions during the workshop, focusing on the art of pitching to investors.”I am truly impressed by the remarkable energy and unwavering determination exhibited by these women entrepreneurs. Their passion to achieve their goals is inspiring, and I am more than willing to support them in every way I can. My support goes beyond the financial contribution I have pledged; it also includes providing mentorship to help them navigate their entrepreneurial journeys,” he stated.

The funding secured by Nuzhat Qazi and Insha Mir will provide them the necessary resources to scale their ventures and bring their innovative ideas to fruition. It not only validates their hard work and determination but also highlights the importance of fostering a supportive ecosystem that empowers women in entrepreneurship.

Kashmiri Women Entrepreneurs raise Rs. 75 lakhs funding from the India Network at JKEDI Startup Event

“It feels great to be a part of such an initiative which invites people from outside. Such events provide ample exposure and platform to the new and existing business houses. I got an opportunity to pitch and present our business model to the investors and secured an investment promise by Mr. Narverkar. I am hopeful that such events will happen again in the near future to boost the entrepreneurial and economic growth of our society, said Insha Mir.

Nuzhat Qazi also conveyed her immense satisfaction, highlighting the valuable lessons she gained from the event. She emphasized the significance of understanding various fundraising strategies, networking opportunities, and the essential steps involved in entrepreneurial endeavors. She further emphasized the empowering nature of such events for women entrepreneurs, and expressed her belief that they should be organized more frequently to foster courage and growth in aspiring female business leaders.

JKEDI remains committed to nurturing and fostering the entrepreneurial spirit in the region. By providing access to funding opportunities, mentorship, and a conducive environment for startups, JKEDI aims to unleash the untapped potential of aspiring entrepreneurs and drive economic growth in J&K.

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