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Power of Vision in Society

The power of vision in our lives and society, exploring the profound impact of “Power of Vision” on our understanding, inspiration, and motivation

By Shahnaaz Ishfaq

In a world where love, care, and respect prevail, there are no strangers. The heart, with its unique ability to connect, guides us toward meaningful relationships. Power of Vision in Society

The disparity between the “HEART & MIND” lies in their approaches to people. The heart embraces, while the mind analyzes. When we consider relationships, whether they are based on blood or bonds, the mind operates universally, but the heart cherishes the exceptional. In a store full of options, the mind tracks countless choices, but in the end, the heart bestows its approval on just one. The mind can be influenced and corrupted, but the heart operates independently, free from external pressures. The mind may accept things reluctantly, but the heart never yields to force. Hence, we often emphasize the importance of a pure heart for a person to be considered perfect and complete.

The mind requires time to ponder, grappling with confusion, while the heart perceives swiftly, unburdened by uncertainty. In a world where we engage with numerous individuals across various fields, few truly become close to us. Strangely, those with whom we spend little time, even those we barely know, can form lasting connections. This phenomenon highlights the contrast between memory associated with familiar faces and the acceptance of strangers. Indeed, the “HEART & MIND” operate differently.

Allow me to illustrate this with a personal example. Initially, my connection with someone not from my caste or affiliation felt like a challenge, as it was arranged by fate rather than blood. My mind questioned how I would spend my life with this stranger, but as time passed, my heart began to appreciate the uniqueness of the bond. I felt a sense of newness that I hadn’t experienced with anyone else. It turned out to be more of a phobia than a challenge. Ultimately, it’s your heart that defines your identity and forges the closest bonds.

Power of Vision in Society


In this world, three things cannot be bought with money: health, love, and respect. The pursuit of wealth can lead to delusional obsession, but it can never grant humanity, love, or respect. Money may challenge these values, but the character and purity of a person prevail. Your worth is defined by your character and status, not just your wealth.

Just as our environment can be eco-friendly, people can be eco-friendly with one another. “HUMANITY” is recognized through acts of goodness, while “INHUMANITY” is evident in the actions of the worst individuals. Eyes are often called “THE WINDOW TO THE SOUL,” playing a crucial role in human interaction and connection. This concept is known as “POWER OF VISION.” When you look out of a window, the images you see shape your perception. This is akin to “EXPOSURE THERAPY OR EXPOSURE OF MENTALITY,” highlighting the importance of exposure, inspiration, and motivation in society.

Strong exposure during childhood leads to depth perception, enabling individuals to better understand their environment. Weak exposure, on the other hand, results in a limited understanding of the world, leading to anxiety and irritability in children. Parental exposure shapes a child’s developmental stage and influences their future success. Therefore, the kind of exposure parents provide is crucial for their children’s growth.

As for personal experiences, it’s important to recognize that relationships are not limited by caste or affiliation. Sometimes, the strongest connections are formed with those fate brings into our lives, even if they were once strangers. It’s not about guarding someone all the time but instilling the right values and principles in them.

“Women impure are for men impure, and men impure for women impure, and women of purity are for men of purity, and men of purity are for women of purity: these are not smitten by what people say: for them there is pardon, and a provision honorable.”

This verse from Surah an-Nur teaches us that good, righteous individuals are suited for each other, just as impure individuals are a fit match for each other. The verse also emphasizes that those who are falsely accused of wrongdoing, like Hz Aisha (RA), should be given the benefit of the doubt, as Allah Himself proclaimed her innocence.

In conclusion, adherence to Islamic principles dictates that we avoid spreading rumors and making baseless accusations. We should exercise restraint when dealing with matters related to charges of adultery against anyone.

At first, I believed that whoever Allah destined for me would be fortunate, but He also showed me that I am equally blessed. Allah’s blessings are always with us.

“Just understand that everything is strange to the mind, but nothing is strange to the heart.”

These closing words remind us that while the mind may perceive things as strange or unfamiliar, the heart has the capacity to embrace everything with acceptance and love.

The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of this newspaper

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